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K&N High Performance Air Filters,
Oil Filters, and Air Intake Kits

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At K&N We Take Air Filters Seriously - For more than 40 years we’ve manufactured serious air filters completely unlike traditional disposable filters. Our air filter is designed to achieve high, virtually unrestricted air flow while maintaining filtration levels critical to ensure long engine life.

Feedback from K&N users in New Zealand!  Send K&N your feedback!

Have just put a K & N filter on my Passat w8 and whislst original was dirty I am astounded at the increase in performance. Will now be a must do to all my vehicles.

Garry Temperton
Queenstown, New Zealand

April 15 you published a photo of a hybrid system that I made for my Honda powered lawnmower. Well it's now another 4 yrs on and the system still works a treat. I cleaned the filter in May and that was it. Today I have removed it and checked the snorkel with a clean white cloth. There is NO discoloration apparent. The filter is totally choka with crud and still it stops penetration. Bloody amazing.

Peter Sumpter
Christchurch, New Zealand

I have installed K&N panel air filters in 4 of my cars, from a 1.6L four cylinder to a 5.7L V8. In all cases the air filter alone resulted in at least 5% power gains as well as reduced fuel consumption by 5-10%. Impressive!!!

Fritz Lindekilde
New Zealand

Installing a K & N air filter in my 1994 Toyota RAV4 (3-door) has definitely given the old girl more 'get up and go'.  She also runs smoother and quieter.  One of the best value for money performance upgrades anyone can do to their 'wheels'.  Thanks K & N!

Alister Chang
Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Hello, I just bought a K&N filter for my 6 clyinder Altezza  What a difference in horsepower and fuel it has made.  Why did it take me so long to put this in?

What can I say it's the best.

Daniel Buchan
Auckland, New Zealand

Hi There
Just thought I would drop a line from the other side of the planet (New Zealand), I have a K&N Pod filter fitted to my 4WD, and the other day while 4wding I managed to do a end over roll with a double sideway roll into a Pond, landing upside down, the whole vehicle was submerged. As a result the snorkel that is usually at the top is now buried in mud. As you would expect this caused the motor to ingest some water thru the K&N filter. I am now in the process of cleaning out everything including the filter. The water in the motor was clean and grit free, the intake pipe from filter to throttle body had crushed flat. I have just removed the filter from its housing and was astounded to see the outer completely clogged with mud, and the inside of the filter very clean. Your filters are great for air, but work equally well under water!! I have attached a couple of photos for you to look at.

     K&N Filter Outside     K&N Filter Inside


Peter Osborne
New Zealand

A novel use for a K&N Filter
I use these filters in all my vehicles and wanted to use in my new lawnmower as well. But not available so made up a snorkel system to fit the Honda motor. In 2 years use, without cleaning, there is not a speck of dirt in the snorkel tube (Tested with a white cloth wipe-out). The filter is absolutely filthy. I feel it proves a point. The paper filter would be long past its use-by date. See attatched photos.
K&N Lawn Mower

Peter Sumpter
Christchurch, New Zealand

I purchased a K & N air filter for my Nissan safari vehicle some 2.5 years ago. Today for the first time I purchased a recharge kit and cleaned and re-oiled the filter.

After 2.5 years the filter was very dirty but with the recharge kit it came up as new.

I use my Nissan a lot off road and I know I should have cleaned the filter well before now.

I was very impressed with the recharge kit and the quality of the filters.

You certainly make a great product. I will also be purchasing another filter for my wife's car and one for my jet boat.

I know you probably get lots of messages like this but I thought I would take the time to say great products.


Nick Brown
Christchurch Fire District, New Zealand

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